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To prepare for its 30 Year Retrospective title: Searching for peace in troubled times, Ensemble Opéra Brut has begun preliminary research for a live mixed-media performance entitled "Let Me Pass, Please"!
In this clip you can see an outline of this improvisatory work realized in Paris at the Cultural Center "104-105" in July of 2018.

The performers are Nina Goedé, director and actress; Stefan Tiedje, composer and sound-engineer; Marcelle Basso Boccabella, actress; and Gerard Gaillaguet, writer and actor.

The actors in this clip are the same from N.G. film "my Mont d'or" : 
Marcelle Basso Boccabella, as Madame, a fully entitled citizen. 
Gérard Gaillaguet as a Migrant, stranger from an occupied territory; 
Nina Goedé as controller of a border check-point;

During the action, N.G. periodically injects visual fragments from my Mont d'or, documentary footage showing the daily border crossing workers at a check-point, and the plight of a mother bemoaning her son's death.

In the following video you may get an impression of the performance to be presented during the Opera Brut Retrospective planned for 2020. As will be seen, the performance is a work merging live actors on stage, excerpts from N.G. feature film "my Mont d'or", and documentary images and clips.


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