Bio/personal statement:

Since I was a child, I had three major areas of fascination: dance, painting, and vocal improvisation. I was always dreaming of creating a picture, not on canvas, but in a real space, in which body-movement, voice, found objects, and video or slide projections create a tableau. Over a period of many years, I gradually incorporated these aspects into my own form of artistic expression, which I call OPERA BRUT. Originally this work emphasized my improvising as a vocalist, with different musicians playing acoustic instruments, but for some years I have been composing my music by using my voice with electronic effects. My music is generally performed with my video work, which on stage involves video projections, and in my audio-visual installations, involves both projections and video monitors. These audio-visual installations, which I call ROOM OPERA, are presented in galleries or in open air spaces. My major concern in all my work is to disclose a chosen themes essential movements and structures. In earlier work I was inspired by various ancient myths, such as Medea, Klytemnestra and Salomé by classic works of literature such as Faust and Macbeth, and by poets such as Baudelaire and Holderlin. For some years, however, I have been interested in themes such as refugees and global warming. It is not my intention to create documentary work. But I am thinking musically and visually of poetic narration which offers the audience the opportunity to set free thoughts about these worldwide tragedies and their consequences. N.G.

 statement adapted from Anais Nin

 My work must come close to the flow of life. I have to settle inside of the secret, into seed, into growth.I have to prove the possibility of instant art, direct and spontaneous. My art must resemble a miracle. It must not derive from conscious processes, and must not become abstraction, fiction, lies. It must happen for women, resembling a personified, ancient ritual, in which each mental stirring is made visible, showed, represented.The creative role of a woman should correspond to her role in life. It's a question not only of the good earth, but also of the bad earth, demons, instincts, forces of nature. Tragedies, conflicts, mysteries are personal.













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